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Arch De Team


Juan Carlos Ortegon, President

A graduate in Urban and Planning Architecture from the American University in Bogota, Colombia, Juan Carlos channeled his passion for architecture, and vision for creating new functional space, into rather surprisingly niche segment of the building industry, Demolition.  After working a few years in Estimating and Project Management, he decided to form his own company, started Arch De Construciton, Inc.  With a small knit team, he has managed to successfully grow a company on the premise “no project is too small not to require the planning, coordination, and attention to detail that each and every project deserves.”  It is in the delivery of such quality service Arch De as built long standing partnerships with others in the industry – and has a reputation for completing all projects efficiently and on time or early.


Francisco Linares (Paco)

“Paco” has been with Arch De since 2005, when he was invited to join the Arch De team, based on his strong work ethos. He, because of his hard work and commitment to the company, is invaluable.  Paco’s diligence and effectiveness in handling sizeable projects, even with the most complex scope of work, makes him an asset to our clients, as well.
Oscar Ramos (Chico)
Oscar Ramos
Chico has been part of our team since its formation in 2005.  Chico was initially hired as labor, but based on his performance and initiative in the field,  was quickly promoted to Foreman. He demonstrates the ability to oversee any size scope of work effortlessly, effectively managing time, with focus attention to the quality of work performed within prescribed time constraints.  He is adept in the use of machinery and job-site management.

Adan Flores (Mexico)

Adan Flores
Mexico joined the company in 2010 as a helper.  A dedicated team player, with a silent determination, Mexico has earned his position as and Arch De Foreman.  He specializes management of small to medium size projects, ensuring his team adheres to safety standards while, enthusiastically, undertaking demolition projects. He has an eye for small details and as a result, nothing is overlooked or left to chance.